Idiocy over at Haaretz over the fake “gay activist” video

Yesterday Haaretz published a piece called “Did Netanyahu’s office distribute a fake video against Gaza flotilla?” which can be seen here along with the video in question.

The video was also tweeted later by Guy Seeman, who was apparently working as an intern in the prime minister’s office, Ali Abunimah posted on the blog Electronic Intifada.

Seeman himself told Ali Abunimah that he did not know that the video was a hoax, and that he did not post the link to the video on behalf of the government, but on his own private Twitter account, and added that he decided on his own to distribute the link after he received it via email.

Haaretz adds that the video appeared on the Facebook page of “an Israeli Hasbara activist” and that the gay rights activist was in fact an “entrepreneur and public relations expert”. The only “link” this has to the fact that an “apparent” employee of the PM’s office decided to tweet it on his personal twitter account.

Anyhow let’s look at the comments. Warning: the following images contain Haaretz comments which are more gruesome than The Guardian CiF comments.

Note how both comments receive well over a hundred thumbs up compared to just 11 and 24 thumbs down. Sad face.

The first comment says that this “must have hurt” as if the Haaretz article had proved beyond doubt that the video was the work of Netanyahu’s office. He then goes on to say “The world can’t be fooled with its crude hoaxes and fabrications”–really?! You’ve been getting fooled by Palestinian/Arab hoaxes and fabrications for over half of a century buddy. When a Palestinian hoax comes to light (which I’ll touch on further down) the reaction is mute across their supporters and instead of wondering what else the Palestinians may have lied about, their reaction amounts to “oh well… ISRAEL IS STILL AN APATHEID NAZI STATE” and they go on to the next “Israeli atrocity”.

The second comment is particularly… Well… Just retarded I guess. If you removed “Israeli regime” from the comment, any reasonable person would think that they were talking about Hamas and the Arabs.

But of course, a crappy little video aimed at delegitimizing an illegal political stunt carried out by Hamas apologists and all around anti-Israelis is concrete proof that the Israeli government can’t be trusted and they have lied to us since records began. That, or a couple of pro-Israelis decided to give the Palestinian side a taste of their own medicine. What this incident has shown is that people will ferociously attack Israel over anything regardless of how significant or insignificant it is where as Palestinians get away with murder… Literally:

The myth of Jenin and subsequent libel: Ah the massacre that never happened. Described by Palestinians as “massacre of the 21st century” with “hundreds of martyrs” though it later emerged that 50 or so Palestinians died (most of which were combatants) and 23 Israeli soldiers during an Israeli operation to stop terrorism from coming out of the camp. Too bad though, the damage had been done with British media outlets especially propagating the myth.

The staged death of Al Dura: This incident supposedly featured the killing of a boy as young as 12 crouching with his father behind a barrel amidst a hail of Israeli bullets.  Al Dura instantly became a martyr and symbol of rage for Palestinians, the Arabs and indeed those who dislike Israel. However a number of inconsistencies emerged which were documented here and here showing beyond doubt that the whole incident was a staged hoax with the despicable complicity of France 2.

The exaggerations of Deir Yassin: If you ask an Arab or Palestinian to list a “Jewish/Israeli atrocity” then the chances are that they’ll mention Deir Yassin. The Palestinians charge that Jewish forces entered the village, massacred 250 people and committed unthinkable atrocities. It would later emerge that the death toll could be no more than 120~, no rapes were committed and many of “atrocities” were completely fabricated by Hazem Nusseibeh and Hussein Khalidi, the latter of which worked for the Nazi collaborating Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Even the Arab villagers were shocked and hurt at the allegations of rape with the Arabs themselves blaming the fabrications for causing the flight of many Palestinians.

Photo & Video fraud: There’s also the staging of “emotional” scenes which can be seen in “Pallywood” and the staging/alteration of photos with the complicity of Reuters.

At least this fraud gave birth to a legend… May I introduce to you: Green Hat Guy. First he can be seen dramatically doing… err… something then suddenly finds himself underneath a pole and wrapped in a maze of wire with his green hat neatly tucked by his side.

Mavi Marmara: Probably the most relevant one considering the video in question. On the 31st of May 2010, Israeli forces boarded the Turkish ship the Mavi Marmara which was carrying humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza strip, leading to the massacre of 9 peaceful humanitarian activists.

Well, that’s the charge. Thankfully over time the truth has slowly emerged and the current flotilla, after being exposed, isn’t even trying to hide the fact that it’s nothing but a political stunt. What really happened is that a contingent of IHH members (who have strong links to terrorism) premeditated violence with some members of the flotilla preparing to become “martyrs” during the inevitable clash with Israeli forces. Israeli video evidence and evidence seized from the ship show how the “peaceful activists” were in fact nothing more than cowardly thugs who wielding knives, clubs, metal poles cut from the ship, chains and even a gun. Upon boarding (armed primarily with non-lethal weapons) Israeli commandos were mobbed, beaten, stabbed and in some cases thrown over board. The ensuing violence lead to the death of 9 activists. One very notable thing is how Reuters (they have a habit for this kind of thing) cropped out an activist carrying a knife and a pool of blood.

Of course this was seen by the world as a brutal act of piracy against a bunch of peaceful kids trying to bring aid to Gaza which was practically Darfur part two.

The difference between the gay activist hoax and what’s mentioned above, is that the latter two cause actual harm. The Al Dura incident for example, lead to the lynching of two Israelis and was seen in the background of the beheading of Daniel Pearl at the hands of Al Qaeda. The Jenin and Al Dura incidents also happened during the Second Intifada and without a doubt lead to more death and destruction in addition to dragging Israel’s already damaged name through the mud over and over as is the case with the other incidents.

Now here’s the kicker. Even though the gay activist in the Haaretz video isn’t actually a gay activist, the video still contains verifiable facts for example:

– The way Hamas described gay people as ” a minority of perverts” in addition to being “mentally and morally sick”.
– How masked gun men burned down a water park
– The way the flotilla participants are aiding Hamas directly or indirectly even though Hamas is against what they claim to stand for… Actually scratch that, both parties stand for the destruction of Israel.

And here is the most disturbing (and typical) post I stumbled across.

This comment was made in response to somebody saying that the video still contains facts (verifiable facts for that matter) yet they’re irrelevant because the gay man was not actually a gay man. Maybe we should do it Reuters style and cleverly edit out the gay man.

This is an example of the opportunist nature of “anti-Zionists” and “anti-Israelis” (or antisemitic bigots as I like to call them) and how they have a predisposed conclusion which they’ll use virtually anything to justify. In this case the conclusion is that everything Israel does is inherently evil “Hasbara”which only serves to cover up their horrific crimes and manipulate the west therefore anything and everything they say can not be the truth. It’s like showing them a video of Hamas launching a missile from next to a school only for them to turn around and pass it off as a lie and propaganda when you tell them the source is the IDF.

The most infuriating thing about all of this is how they reverse the situation. One little video that has no proven link to the government is taken as evidence of a mass-propaganda machine whilst Palestinian propaganda, which spans over half of a century, is taken at face value without question. Myths, lies, libel and terrorism – this is Hamas in 5 words.

Heaven forbid a government and indeed nationality that has had its legitimacy and public image assaulted on all fronts for over 50 years attempt to either disprove it or dish the same treatment out.

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